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     Okay, everyone. It's been a while since you've seen everyone. So what we are doing here is putting up pictures of as many of the reunion-goers as we have been able to secure. In this way, rather than wearing name tags, we are hoping that you can study the names and look at the pictures so that when we all get to the cruise ship in Tampa in January, you can act like you immediately recognize everyone!


     By using the deck plan below, you can see who is in each room, either by Name or,  if they've chosen to submit a picture, by Photo. By clicking on the appropriate room link, you can view your friends as they appear today, some fifty years later. Or, if you would like, we can use your Yearbook picture. Or, nothing at all. Let's try to get as many pictures on this page before next January as we can so we all have an opportunity to study the faces.


     Pictures are strictly voluntary, and you are encouraged to submit any picture which you feel best
represents you and/or your partner. Just send your choice along to Ernie ( ). We can also do a certain amount of cropping and editing on pictures if needed. We might even be able to accommodate more than one picture, though one would be preferred.


     To see room occupants below, scroll down to the picture. Those rooms with picture links will be visible with underlines on the right side of the page. You may also click on the room number on the cabin diagram if we have a picture. When you scroll your cursor slowly over the room numbers, you will see a line of copy appear immediately at the bottom of the page. You will also see (with a slight delay) a name appear in a pop-up window by the cursor identifying the occupants. Click on the room and the picture will appear if there is one. To return to the diagram, click on the arrow at the top left of the picture page (for PC users) to return to the previous screen.


Joanne Howe Andy & Vicki Lagin Frank & Chrise Wyckoff Mary Ann (Klymshyn) & Jim Barrek Verline & Lori Delisle Cecelia & Linda Ann Stopinski Bette & Glenn Mudrick (Class of '67) Gail Naylor Bottone (Class of '58) & Sally Tesoro (Lagin family) Deena (Rosenberg) & Larry Silver Verline and Lori Delisle (sharing) Gerry & Barbara Cvetko Georgia (Gochal) & Ernie Temple Nancy & Mark Baldwin Gloria & Jim Glassman Laraine (Zanat) & Dave Blessing Christine Swan & Pat (Mondato) Karliss (sharing) Janet (Strassle) Cunliff, Mary Carol (Wrublevski) Bannon & Helene (Wisvari) Manlove (Click on either the room number on the drawing
or the link below. All room numbers will show occupants when you drag your cursor over them. But not all room numbers have pictures.)

If you wish to turn off the music, use the controller below. Other favorite music will be considered if you can forward a file to!!! If you have a picture for us to see, you can have your own personal song(s) in your room along with a greeting! (See Temple, Baldwin rooms.) iTune mp3 or mp4 downloads work fine and are desirable.

1552 - Orlando & Mary Madamba (Class of '58 / '59)
8068 - Christine Swan & Pat (Mondato) Karliss (sharing)
8070 - John & Carol Gear
8076 - Gerry & Barbara Cvetko
8078 - Rusty & MaryAnn Vail
8080 - Tom & Carolyn Boyle
8082 - Wayne & Barbara Bowden
8088 - Janet (Strassle) Cunliff
            Mary Carole (Wrublevski) Bannon
            Helene (Wisvari) Manlove (sharing)

8562 - Maryann (Klymshyn) & Jim Barrek
8564 - Andy & Vicki Lagin
8566 - Verline and Lori Delisle (sharing)
8568 - Cecelia Stopinski and Linda Ann Stopinski (sharing)
8570 - Ted & Theresa Zygala
8572 - Bette & Glenn Mudrick (Class of '67)
8574 - Gail (Naylor) Bottone (Class of '58) and
           Sally Tesoro (Lagin family) (sharing)
8576 - Deena (Rosenberg) & Larry Silver
8578 - Jill Kaechele & Jim Rollins
8580 - Joanne Howe & Anne Wright (sharing)
8582 - Nancy & Mark Baldwin
8584 - Frank & Chrise Wyckoff
8586 - Georgia (Gochal) & Ernie Temple
8588 - Ginger (Ashworth) & Tony Helgert
8604 - Tom & Karen Oakes
8606 - Len & Lynn (Cody) Schiavi
8608 - Al & Maureen Miller
8610 - Walter & Betty Lou (Garzillo) Fregans
8612 - John Drosdick & Linda Stamps
8614 - Beverly (Doyle) & Frank Hogate
8616 - Dru (Drake) & Denis Skora
8618 - Laraine (Zanat) & Dave Blessing
8620 - Gloria & Jim Glassman
9070 - Walt & Kelley Weidemann




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