South Plainfield High School
Class of 1963

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Reunion 2003

The SPHS Class of 1963 Reunion was held Saturday, June 7, 2003
at the Metuchen Country Club in Edison, New Jersey, from 7-11 p.m.

Reunion 2003 small

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Nancy Baldwin, Robert Yahr, Mary Ann (Knolmar) Yahr, Ted Zigala, his wife, Irene Anderson, Bill Anderson
spouse, Ginger (Ashworth), spouse, classmate, Yosh, Bobbie Jean (Ruth), Jill (Schantz) Kachele, John Bogden, Doreen (Southern) Bogden.

Coach Mike DeCarlo, Coach Tony Cotoia, Ernie Temple, Steve Timko, Georgia (Gochal) Temple, Frank Wyckoff, spouse.

Welcome Table and, in rear, computers showing PowerPoint Presentations (which are available for free by contacting Mark Baldwin.)

Michael (spouse of JoAnn Pecora), Steve Timko, Coach Mike DeCarlo, Frank Wyckoff, Ernie Temple, Jill (Schantz) Katchele, Georgia (Gochal) Temple.

Coach Michael DeCarlo.

Coach Tony Cotoia and Steve Timko.

Bob Yahr, Mary Ann (Knolmar) Yahr, JoAnn (Pecora).

Bob Schell, Steve BenAry, John Bogden.

Michael (spouse to JoAnn (Pecora))
and Janet (Strassle Wood).

Lois (Cornell) and husband.

spouse to Bob Schell, spouse, spouse???

Ginger (Ashworth) and Georgia (Gochal) Temple. Notice that all of the women are dancing together. Just like in High School!!!

Spouse (to Ginger (Ashworth)?), Steve Timko, Ginger (Ashworth), spouse, classmate?

Jill (Schantz) Kachele (?), Bob Schell, Steve BenAry,
Bill Anderson.

Tom Oaks and Mike Supko.

spouse? and Janet (Strassle) Wood.

Our DJ!!

 A Gift Certificate to Pancone's Restaurant was given to Georgia and Ernie Temple for their 40 years of service to the Class in keeping the Reunion together. Also a certificate of thanks and a photo album for all class members to forward pictures (4x6") to be kept as an official register of classmates as they appear in 2003. This applies to ALL class members, not just those in attendance at the Reunion Banquet.

Mark Baldwin was given a genuine Cuban cigar and a bottle of "Temple's Karate School" Merlot for his efforts with the web site and art for the Reunion.

It was a very friendly meeting which moved on after the event to the home of John and Doreen Bogden. Breakfast was hosted the next morning by Janet Strassle.

The question was asked about how many were interested in a gala 50th Golden Reunion, but the vote was inconclusive. But if I know Ernie Temple, start saving your money. Because if there IS a "next" one, it may be in the Bahamas!!!

There will be more on this event in the days to come. Unfortunately, because of the darkness of the room, half of my pictures were bad. I am anticipating those of you who attended the Reunion and took pictures to forward them for publication. Likewise, please forward individual pictures of yourselves and families. Once the Memorial Album is filled up, a PowerPoint slide program will be created and made available to all who are interested.

Also, anyone interested in the current CD which has four Presentations on it, please contact Mark Baldwin (see Webmeister below). All I ask is $1.00 for postage and handling. The Presentations are: 1998 Reunion, Memorabilia (pictures from the web site), Grads Today (a few current pictures of classmates) and John Goodson's Memorial Service.

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