South Plainfield High School
Class of 1963

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45th Reunion 2008
at Lake Temple (Alpine Lake)!

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September 8, 2008

Hi folks,

    Well, we all made it back in one piece.  It was a great to host the 3 day event for our 45th year Class reunion for the Class of 63.  I keep saying it's the last one I'm doing, but especially now that Tom Oakes has "volunteered" to do the next one in Florida,  I'll help him buy the wine!!  Georgia says I've had more farewell tours than Cher when it comes to throwing reunions!     

    A lot of thanks goes out first off to Frank Wyckoff, Tom Oakes, Mark Baldwin (hosting his own web site), Chrise Wyckoff, Karen Oakes and to those of you who have made it a fun event, regardless of the fact that we had a storm hitting the area.

    We started off Friday evening with a dinner at the Meadowbrook Inn, Tannersville, hosted by Frank Wyckoff.  Great meal, great company!  We then headed back to our lake house and had a bonfire down at the lake doing wine and marshmallow s'mores!  Different.  The weather was clear and no sight of a storm brewing, except for Mark Baldwin's hourly reports of doom and gloom.  Little did Mark know, that rain brings out the party fever and we had a ball the next day, ask his wife, Nancy.  We got soaked setting up everything, but good wine somehow smoothes everything out.  People started showing up and then the caterer brought in a great meal for us.  We topped the night off with a local singer who absolutely wowed everyone in the room singing all of our old favorites!  Plus, we still have a number of us who can still dance up a storm!

    Wyckoff's, Bogdan's and Oakes' were able to spend the night at our place and we had a nice breakfast Sunday morning and said our goodbyes until next time.  I am proud that Georgia and I were able to host these events over the years.  It is something we enjoyed doing and we can only hope that it provided good memories for you.  One person said why continue, we're only getting older now.  Well, now might just be the time to keep it going.  I've seen our personalities change as we get older and see the maturity of good people simply getting better with age.  Our little class of '63 is made up of some special people who possess some unique talents.  If you have the opportunity to attend the next one, whether it be local or not, do yourself a favor, make the effort.  It will be well worth it my friends.

For Georgia and I,

All the best.


908-754-0033 home
570-629-6629 cabin

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What Happens at the Lake
Stays at the Lake!!!

      So, at least, claims the sign hanging in the living room of Georgia & Ernie's home at Alpine Lake in the Pocono Mountains at Henryville, Pennsylvania! The weather wasn't as good as the two fall scenes below depict, but we braved the rains of Tropical Storm Hanna and with a little relocating to their home and the installation of some make-shift canvas umbrellas over their back deck, the event came off without a hitch. We had some rain, but no wind. With about 30 people in attendance we partied from late morning until after midnight. And those who rented lodging in the area were there for a sunny and comfortable morning breakfast.

Alpine Lake             Alpine Lake 2

     Below are some quick photos which I have processed. Those of you who were in attendance who have better pictures are encouraged to forward them to me in JPEG format for inclusion here on the site. We will be getting pictures of the Friday night bonfire and Sunday breakfast group as well in the days to come. Please point out any errors in naming people!

           Thank you,
                     Mark Baldwin

Picture1 Pat Mandato Karliss, Ted Zygala,
Teresa Zygala, Joanne Pecora Faulkner,
Charlie Gromek, Marge Kazo Gromek
Joanne Pecora Faulkner,
Ginger Ashworth Helgert, Ted Zygala,
Teresa Zygala, Charlie & Marge Gromek
(in front with backs to camera)
Picture3 Our Host - Ernie Temple!
Marjorie Kazo Gromek, Charlie Gromek,
Joanne Pecora Faulkner (her head!),
Michael Faulkner.
Picture5 Ted Zygala, Teresa Zygala,
Karen Oakes.
Nancy Baldwin, Pat Mandato Karliss,
Walter Fregans, Marge Kazo Gromek,
Betty Lou Garzillo Fregans, Joanne Howe.
Picture7 John Bogden and Michael Faulkner
(husband to Joanne Pecora Faulkner).
Frank Wyckoff, Steve Benary,
Chrise Wyckoff, Doreen Bogden,
Georgia Temple, Tom Oakes.
Picture9 Same picture as above, except with Ernie.
This one best kept at long distance!
Marge Kazo Gromek, Charlie Gromek,
Joanne Pecora Falkner.

Picture11 Adele Benary, Ted Zygala, Teresa Zygala,
Karen Oakes, Georgia Temple,
Chrise Wyckoff, Frank Wyckoff.
Ted Zygala, Teresa Zygala, Karen Oakes,
Adele Benary, Georgia Temple.
Picture13  Chrise Wyckoff, Frank Wyckoff,
Charlie Gromek, Joanne Pecora Faulkner,
Marge Kazo Gromek, Michael Faulkner,
Pat Mandato Karliss,
Joanne Howe (blond head).
Walter Fregans, Steve Benary, Tom Oakes.
Picture15 Joanne Danek Kane,
Georgia Gochal Temple.
Ted Zygala, David Kane,
Joanne Danek Kane.

Picture17 Pat Mandato-Karliss, Nancy Baldwin,
Georgia Gochal Temple.
What's happening here???
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