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This is not a commercial website. Individual family members who have displayed
their collections here may, however, be approached concerning sales
of certain of their pieces by interested parties.


     Baldwin Originals was a company created by Robert Baldwin in the 1960s as a division of his commercial art and advertising company, The Robert M. Baldwin Company. It's purpose was to produce a supplemental income from the development and reproduction of his sculpted art and it included wall hangings and decorative pieces for the home as well as military memorabilia. He produced much of his own work in a plaster-like gypsum cement molding substance known as Hydro-Stone which was poured into castings he made himself. He was a master mold maker. He also worked with molten 'white metal' which he smelted in his workshop to make belt buckles, pins and other pieces of art in this metal which had the appearance of silver. He also worked in conjunction with, and was a part owner in, the Davos Company of Middlesex, New Jersey, which reproduced his wall-hanging work in foam plastic which replicated a wood finish.

     The Davos Company was sold in the 1970s and ceased to exist, but Baldwin Originals continued on until Robert's death in December of 2003. He and his wife, Caroline, traveled extensively to military events and reunions around the country during the 1970s and 1980s until her death in July of 1989. The company's collection of military insignia and other memorabilia, which he sold at these events, was extensive. When supplemented by the sale of his battlefield art, which is presented on other pages of this web site, it led to his being revered as a prominent figure in this realm of World War II memorial events. He was called upon to design a number of dedicatory plaques, monuments and even memorial parks, some of which are presented elsewhere on this web site.

     Certainly his work with Baldwin Originals did little more than provide him with an income in his retirement years. The nature of this work was for home display and general personal appreciation. Still, all of the work displayed the humor, creativity and sense of history of the artist. Below are some, but not nearly all, of the work he produced during this period of his life from the mid-1960s through 2003 along with their sale prices at the time. Other items shall be added to the collection should they be rediscovered.

     All of these items may be for sale by their present owners should you have an interest in purchasing them.

  The Baldwin Eagle and Owl


     These pieces were produced in both Hydro-Stone as well as foam plastic and presented in a variety of finishes. The originals were sculpted in clay and castings were made from them. The Owl here was painted and the Eagle was in antiqued gold paint. Both were mounted on wood. They sold commercially in the range of $50.00 to $100.00 apiece. In 2015 they were valued at $200.00 each. If the pieces are signed, the value could increase by at least $100.00.


Animal Planters and Candle Holders



     These pieces were produced exclusively in Hydro-Stone from castings made from originals which were sculpted in clay.
They were hand painted and sold for $25.00 each.


The Baldwin Dragon


     The Baldwin Dragon was originally sculpted by Robert Baldwin in 1972 and is arguably his most sophisticated sculpted piece. At 22" long and 6" high, it is a fully-operational incense burner. As you can see from the picture above, once the incense cone is lighted, placed on the removable tongue and inserted into the dragon's mouth, the smoke swirls out of the dragon's mouth. The original was sculpted in clay and a casting was made from it. The dragon was only produced in Hydro-Stone. It was considered by Robert Baldwin to have it cast in bronze, but the project never reached that stage. They were finished in paint as well as gold leaf. The one in the picture above is gold leaf. In 2015 there were known to be at least five dragons in existence which were held by family members. They were owned by Mark Baldwin, Jeanne (Baldwin) Williams, Carl and Eric Baldwin. There were, however, more produced and sold by the Hammacher Schlemmer Company, but there is no record of how many of them were produced and sold. It would have been a small number, however. The Baldwin Dragon was valued for sale at $800.00 in 1992. Its value in 2015 was placed at $1,500.00.

      The original clay sculpture was made in 1972 as attested to by this photograph and the inscription on the back. The gold leaf sculpture above was created in 1992 as attested to by the copyright inscription and the artist's signature on the tail just behind the back legs.



Fantasy Frogs - Limited Edition


      Hand-cast, hand-painted and autographed by Robert Baldwin - 1997. Inscriptions would indicate that at least 20 pieces were cast. These four pieces were in the possession of Mark Baldwin in 2015 (#s 3, 7, 18 & 20). Two others at least were in the possession of Jeanne (Baldwin) Williams, including #s 1 & 2. Valued at $30 each in 2003. Signed pieces were valued at $50.00 in 2015.


The Civil War Soldier Set

     The Civil War Soldier set was sold both as a three-piece set as well as individually. The originals were sculpted in clay and castings were made from the original. It was then produced in Hydro-Stone and mounted both on wood (as seen above) or as a single unit with Hydro-Stone, wood-textured background. The pieces sold at $50.00 individually and $125.00 for the set. Originals in 2015 were valued at $200.00 individually and $800.00 for the set. If pieces are signed, the value would increase by $100.00 per piece.


     These two pieces were in the possession of Mark Baldwin in 2015. The drummer is signed, made of Hydro-Stone and mounted on a wooden plaque. It is painted gold, antiqued and signed by the artist on the back, dated 1982. It was valued at $300.00 in 2015. The union soldier and background are one-piece Hydro-Stone and were polished with, of all things, shoe polish! Though it is unsigned, it is an original creation of Robert Baldwin as were all Baldwin Originals. There is a notation to this effect on the back of the piece. The original signature was on the back of a wooden frame that got destroyed. It is valued at $200.00 in 2015 without the signature and has been reframed.

     This Union soldier was created in 1965 by Robert Baldwin and given to his son Mark as a gift to him while at school at the University of Virginia: "To brighten up your dreary dorm room!" It is said to have been the only gold leafed and antiqued version of the soldier that was created.

      Though unsigned, there is an inscription on the reverse. It is valued at $500.00.


The Davis/Lincoln Presidential Set

     The Jefferson Davis / Abraham Lincoln Civil War Presidential set was created in Hydro-Stone from an original copper rubbing made by Robert Baldwin. A casting was made of the original and then poured in Hydro-Stone. The copper color was painted on. The set was valued at $50 for the set and $30 individually.


Airborne Assault Copper Rubbing

     Airborne Assault picture cast in Hydro-Stone from casting made from original copper rubbing by Robert Baldwin. The piece was sold for $100 framed.


Mother & Child

Mother & Child, originally molded in clay and then cast in Hydro-Stone. Mounted on various backgrounds. The piece was sold for $50.00.


DAVOS Creations
Commercial Adaptations of his designs with the Davos Company
of Middlesex, New Jersey - 1970-1990

Peace and Love

Foam plastic reproductions from molds made from original pieces by Robert Baldwin. Pieces sold for $25 individually.


Adaptations of original art by Robert Baldwin reproduced in foam plastic as backgrounds for weather recording instruments.
Pieces sold individually, depending on the equipment mounted within them, for between $50 to $80.


University and Organization Plaques

UVacolored UVabacker

University of Virginia wall plaque - made in 1968 for son, Mark Baldwin. Only one other plaque was ever known to have been made.
It was sold to Mr. Joseph Segal, a college roommate of Mark Baldwin and is the unpainted shown above
. Each has the same backer.
A Marine plaque was also created. Created from a clay sculpture and molded in foam plastic to simulate wood.
These plaques were sold at $50 each in 1969. This unique piece is now valued at $500.


Commemorative Belt Buckles

     These belt buckles were produced by Robert Baldwin between 1970 and 2003 to honor special commemorative events for organizations and/or military groups. All designs are unique to the event and were originally sculpted in clay from which a rubber mold was made which could accept the white metal (similar to pewter) which Robert used to replicate his pieces. He personally melted the metal with his own smelter, poured each buckle, had it plated and finished it off by painting or antiquing. They were sold for prices varying from $15 for individual stock pieces to $25 to $50 for special designs which were commissioned by his clients. The higher prices were determined by design, event importance and quantity considerations. What you see here are just a few samples of his pieces. Some of the earlier pieces were created in partnership with the Davos Company of Middlesex, New Jersey with which Robert was associated. Others were produced solely by him. All designs contain the Baldwin Originals logo. There are many other pieces which were produced and if anyone has pictures of them which they would like to display on this site, those pictures will be gratefully accepted.
      It should be noted that after Robert Baldwin's death in 2003 some of his unfinished work was sold by family members. These would have been unfinished pewter (white metal) or plating rejects. Though not as valuable as the finished, plated pieces, they were still, nonetheless, originally poured by Robert Baldwin. Unless otherwise indicated, all buckles pictured below are in the possession of members of the Baldwin family.

     All of these items may be for sale by their present owners should you have an interest in purchasing them.

Limited Edition Buckles


40th Anniversary of the New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Department of the Division of Motor Vehicles, Local 518 - 1937-1977.
The picture above was provided by Ms. Debby Campbell of a buckle originally purchased by her brother-in-law, Charles Campbell,
a member of Local 518. The buckle is currently in the possession of Mark Baldwin.


New Jersey Inspection Department of the division of Motor Vehicles, Local 518 - 1937-1977


Delta Queen Riverboat


Dragon Buckle - only one in existence



Willie Nelson - Only three finished pieces were made: two in brass and one in chrome as pictured.
The owner of the original prototype which was proposed to Willie Nelson is unknown, though it was sold on eBay on February 11, 2012.
The chrome and the second brass pieces are owned by Baldwin family members.


Willie Nelson - There are also known to be three partially finished pieces in circulation:
one with partial brass plate (apparently a prototype for the the original sent to Willie Nelson) and two in pewter.
The owner of the brass prototype is Ms. Danielle Purnell of Milton, Florida. The owner of one of the pewter
buckles is Corey Moseley of Celebration, Florida. The owner of the other pewter piece is unknown,
though it was sold in
February of 2018 on eBay. The last known sale price of this buckle was $75.00.


Bennington Flag


The Silent Service - for the Trident submarine


82nd Airborne - Picture provided by Richard Hampson in Connecticut


Quakertown, New Jersey Fire Company


Clinton, New Jersey Fire Department


Park Place Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey


Army Airborne

Novelty Designs


NO! - different materials and finishes




Maybe! - different materials and finishes






Police generic honoring St. Michael - Guardian Patron of Police. Picture donated by Pam  Hammons.

Marine front    Marine back

United States Marines. Picture donated by Tracy Walenciej.

SF front    SF back

United States Special Forces. Picture donated by Prenston Sr. Gale.


Black River & Western Railroad / Jersey Central Railroad


Erie-Lackawanna Railroad / Lehigh Valley Railroad


Mississippi Queen / Pennsylvania Railroad

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