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 Acrylic Water Painting Technique

     Robert Baldwin was an experimenter. He was always trying new things and new ways of doing art. One of those tests was an 'acrylic water painting technique' whereby he would position a pan filled with water on the floor and put in drops of acrylic paint. Then the paint could be swirled or marbled with a brush or a comb. The result was a myriad of colors and patterns floating on the surface of the water. When he had created the pattern he wanted (or liked!), he would take a piece of glossy art paper and place it on the water's surface thereby transferring the paint to the paper. He would then remove the paper, review the pattern, and if he liked it, he would hang it to dry.

     After the paint and paper had dried, he would place the paper on his art table and look at it to see if it reminded him of anything. It was kind of like an artist's Rorschach Test! When he got a thought he would proceed to draw, with pen and ink, on the paper, using the colored pattern as part of the picture. The final result was a picture which, because of his particular talent with line-drawing, looked very sophisticated and attractive. He only made a limited number, but he was so pleased with the results that he had them hung in his living room as the major art decoration. Here are two that we have collected of the number that have been created. Valuing them is something of a challenge because of the uniqueness of the technique, but we have tried. You can read our assessment logic on Page Six of this site. All paintings are, of course, originals and are currently in the possession of family members.

     It is hoped that over time pictures of these other works will surface in order that they may be displayed and assessed. They are considered to be quite unique and valuable.


- The Collection of Mark Baldwin -

'Fantasy - 1967'
Acrylic on water

Valued at $800.00 in 2015
Actual picture size - 7"x 11.25"


'The Ovum - 1967'
Acrylic on water
Valued at $700.00 in 2003
Actual picture size - 8"x7"


'Off A Hot DZ - Wesel 1945'
Watercolor and pastel - painted in 1996
Sold on ebay in March of 2018 for $850.00
Actual picture size - 8"x8.5"


A Mother's Day 1945 present
to his mother in caricature style

from Robert M. Baldwin.
Pen & ink and watercolor
Value - $800.00 original size 8.0x10.0

'Field Marshall Karl Rudolf Gerg von Rundstedt'
Field Marshal in command of the German forces at the end of the war.

Watercolor - circa 1970.
Valued at $800.00 in 2015.
Actual picture size - 7.5"x9.5"


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Traditional Scenes

- The Collection of Jeanne (Baldwin) Williams -

     As with his military drawings, Robert Baldwin's favorite medium was black & colored pencil, ink, and watercolor. These are a few of his paintings done during the period of 1993-1997 as watercolors with the exception of the pictures and line drawing of daughter, Jeanne, in 'The Jeanne Trilogy.' All originals are in the possession of family members. This particular collection is held by Jeanne (Baldwin) Williams. Values of the pieces are according to the Fair Market Valuation on page six.

A Vanishing Scene - 1993
Valued at $1,000.00 in 2015
Actual size - 21"x15"


Pennsylvania Farm Road - 1993
Valued at $700.00 in 2015
Actual size - 14"x10"


A Carton of Kittens - 1994
Valued at $200.00 in 2015
Actual size - 12.75"x10.25"


Mountain Stream - 1993
Sold on eBay 11-9-2018 for $737.47. Reframed and gifted 11-14-2018 with a value of $900.00
Valued at $550.00 in 2015
Actual size - 14.5"x11.0"


Nature by the River - 1995
Valued at $400.00 in 2015
Actual size - 13"x9.5"


Ocracoke Light, Outer Banks, North Carolina - 1973
Valued at $400.00 in 2015
Actual size - 11.5"x15"


Pennsylvania Farm - 1998
Valued at $750.00 in 2015
Actual size - 21.5"x15.0"


Stark / Hark - 1995
Valued at $200.00 in 2015
Actual size -


Fishin' Time - 1997
Valued at $400.00 in 2015
Actual size - 10.0"x14.5"


Valued at $450.00 in 2015
Actual size - 8"x11"


Saylor's Lake Pavilion - 1993
Sold on eBay in May of 2018 for $1,200.00.
Built in October of 1923 for $33K, the building was destroyed by a collapsing roof from snow on February 16, 1994.
Actual size - 23"x18"


As It Was - 1997
Valued at $750.00 in 2015
Actual size - 14.5"x18"


Storm to Beat - 1998
Valued at $750.00 in 2015
Actual size - 14.5"x10.5"


The Kitty - circa 1995
Valued at $100.00 in 2015
Actual size - 3"x3"



The Jeanne Trilogy - 1956-1964
Value in 2003 - Priceless!
Actual sizes (l-r) - 7.5"x9.5" - 6.5"x8.5" - 8"x7.5"

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Identification of the Artist's Work

     There are no problems at this time with unauthorized copies of Robert Baldwin's work being made, but there are various distinctive ways of authenticating his pieces. First and foremost, of course, is his distinctive signature which may be found on literally all of his work, including his sculpture pieces and even his plaques. All you need do is look for it. Often it is accompanied by a date - Robert Baldwin was an historian as well as an artist.



     More often than not there is also an inscription on the back dedicating the painting to someone - usually a relative. And it could never be said that Robert Baldwin did not have a sense of humor.


     One should always look for some sort of historic documentation on all of Robert Baldwin's pieces. Even those prepared by his relatives after his passing in 2003 went out of their way to identify some special purpose for the pictures.


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