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      Family members, Jeanne (Baldwin) Williams and Mark Baldwin have items in their possessions which are available for sale to interested parties. Seen on page three are many original watercolor paintings of Pennsylvania landscapes and scenes which are in the possession of Jeanne Williams. Both Jeanne Williams and Mark Baldwin are in possession of prints of the military scenes displayed on page one as well as a few of the original pieces on page two. If you are interested in the potential purchase of any of these items, you should contact them at the e-mail addresses below.

      Military prints are available in black frames, size of 17"x14" / Matted 9.5"x7.5", or smaller. Sizes may vary depending on the size of the original and custom sizes will be considered. All prints are quality-assured and numbered from the private collections Jeanne Williams and Mark Baldwin and are accompanied by additional historic documents describing Robert Baldwin's experiences. Cost for prints are $225.00.

      An attempt to monitor the distribution of the original paintings and prints by Robert M. Baldwin has been performed by Jeanne Williams and Mark Baldwin:

Distribution of Robert Baldwin Personal and Military Art Originals and Print Numbers



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