Using PayPal is a quick and safe way to make purchases, and it doesn't cost you anything! Just follow these directions.


     If you don’t have one already, go to ‘’ and sign up for an account. You will get options about how to pay: credit card, bank withdrawal, etc. Then, to send money, you just go to ‘’ and at the top click on the link ‘send’. You will be asked for the Garage Sale e-mail address, which is: ‘’. Once you do this, it will ask you to open your account. Log on and it will ask if this is for ‘Friends and Family’ or ‘Goods and Services’. Neither costs you anything, but if you use ‘Goods and Services’ you get a payment protection service. Then just pick your method of payment, and PayPal will handle everything from their end according to how you set up your account.


      I hope this works for you! When I receive word from PayPal that they have received your payment, your package will be mailed to you.


              Thank you,


                         Mark Baldwin

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