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The Baldwin Family's
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Significant Books of the Baldwin family

     You may find this page to be a bit odd, but it contains books which have influenced the Baldwin family over the years. These are books which have been purchased as well as books and pamphlet-style essays which have been written and compiled by family members. It is considered to be a page of 'inspirational' documents.



About Starting a Small Business
Written by Mark Baldwin in 2018 as an inspirational and instructional essay for his daughter on how to start a small business. Based on his own personal experiences in creating four small businesses - The Comp Shop, The Occasional Press, Baldwin & Obenauf, Inc. and Saddle Ridge Concepts, LLC - it describes how he managed to make it all work and provides valuable lessons to aspiring young entrepreneurs.

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Considered by Mark Baldwin to be two of the most influential 'people' in his personal and business career, Disney's Scrooge McDuck provided a feeling of financial adventure in the accumulation of wealth, while Benjamin Franklin provided practical, common sense values with their applications. The three Scrooge volumes are a collection of Scrooge's adventures since his stories first appeared around the mid-1950s to inspire a 12-year-old Mark Baldwin. And the wise sayings of Benjamin Franklin in his The Book of Values and The Way to Wealth were lessons reinforced upon him by his Depression-era grandparents. There are more Scrooge stories than appear in just these three volumes, and Mark has a great many of them in his private collection, but this five-book set is considered to be the most inspirational.

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