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The Baldwin Family's
(Last Revised 4/15/2021)


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Out-of-print Family Histories

     While these books have some visible cover damage, the insides are clean. It is, after all, the words one is interested in when looking at a family history! If you have any questions about any further information about any of the books, please contact Mark Baldwin at the e-mail address below. Each book is $50.00 with free shipping, with a 10% discount if you pick it up at our location in Clinton Township, New Jersey.



The New Jersey Browns
Printed in 1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with allied families of Freeman, Moores, Skinner, Brittain,
Dunham, Lewis, Pain (Payne), Edgar, Harned, Anderson, Crane, Munn, Ayer, Putnam, Albertus, Aldridge.


Genealogy of the Eddy Family
Printed in 1881 by Charles Eddy, M.D. in Brooklyn, New York
by Nolan Brothers, Book and Job Printers, 515 & 517 Fulton Street.


The Descendants of Thomas Hale
Written in 1889 by Robert Safford Hale, LL. D. and printed by Weed, Parsons and Company Printers,
in Albany, New York. Covers Hale family members from Watton, England and Newbury, Massachusetts.



Jonathan jackson and Hannah Tracy - Their Ancestors and Descentants
Printed in 1907 and edited by Elizabeth Cabot Putnam and James jackson Putnam.
Printed privately.



The Ancestors of the John Lowe Family Circle and Their Descendants
Printed in 1901 by the Lowe family in Fitchburg, Massachusetts by the Sentinel Printing Company.


The Martin Family of New England
Written in 1880 Henry J. Martin and printed by Lee and Shepard, Publishers in Boston. Covering the
family who settled at Weymouth & Hingham in 1635, Rehoboth in 1644 and Swansea in 1667.


The Seatons of Western Pennsylvania.
Written in 1945 by Jane Snowden Crosby by The Hobson Book Press, 52 Vanderbilt Avenue, NY.



The Genealogy of Rev. W. H. Van Deusen
Written in 1969 by Cherry Laura Van Deusen Pratt and Published by the Rockford Press, Rockford, Ohio.
Son of Jacob Dean Van Deusen and Julia Maria Custer McIntosh Van Deusen and Custer. Also includes
the Hendickson, Belton,Chelf, Evans and Stayton families.



Are you a descendant?


Baldwins Of Dundridge, Buckinghamshire, England - Family Emblem

     Sir John Baldwin (1469-1545) was the Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in England during the reign of Henry VIII, and among his other accomplishments, he presided over the trials of Anne Boleyn and Sir Thomas More. John became first Baldwin to own the Dundridge Manor in St. Leonards, Buckinghamshire. He died without a male heir, but the estate passed on to his brother Robert (1476-1536), who upon his death passed it on to his son Richard (1503-1565). From Richard it passed to his son Henry (1530-1602) and then to Richard who died childless in 1636, but passed on to his brother Sylvester I (1560-1632). After Sylvester's death, the estate passed on to his son Richard and it remained in Baldwin hands until 1768 when it is said that the fortunes of the Baldwins waned, their property and manors were sold off and from that point the estate passed out of Baldwin hands. The second son of Sylvester I (1560-1632) was Sylvester II (1595-1638) who, with his family and a number of other baldwin relatives, departed England for America in 1638, this group being one of the major American Baldwin family groups. They settled in Milford, Connecticut as part of the founding group of colonists.
     The 'Baldwin of Dundridge' arms shown in the picture are actually those of Sir John Baldwin. He died without male issue and therefore the arms were never passed on through inheritance. What I have chosen to do, however, is to adopt these arms for use by American individuals who can prove their lineage back to one of the owners of the estate from 1545 to 1768. For Americans it would be from Robert (1475-1536) through Sylvester II (1595-1638) This 'symbolic' coat of arms, while not official arms as issued by the British College of Heraldry, may still be used by American descendants of these five men and their wives, to demonstrate their historic and genetic connection to the Baldwins of Dundridge. The assumption of this family symbol is offered without charge, but with one stipulation: every new family member who adopts the symbolic coat of arms must create a new and unique motto for themselves. What you see on the attached picture is the motto adopted by Robert Mark Baldwin Jr. which reads: ‘Humility, Independence Frugality'. And in order to assure that there is no duplication of mottos, family members are encouraged to contact Robert 'Mark' Baldwin Jr. to register their mottos on his list. This, too, is a free service which is designed only to maintain order.
     But now, you may ask: “So what is the catch? Everything can't be free!” Adoption of the design and the registration of your motto is free. Far be it for me to presume any kind of ownership over Sir John's property. Furthermore, anyone can certainly draw, or have drawn, a squirrel sitting on a helmet which is perched on a shield which has the picture of three slipped oak leaves on it. But if you would like to forego the effort of recreating the design yourself, then the beautiful picture, framed and matted with your individual motto included, and a statement of authenticity certifying that you have registered your motto, then there is a cost of $250.00
     Trust me . . . it is a beautiful decoration for over your fireplace or some revered family display place on your walls. You need to understand, however, that because each coat of arms is individually inscribed with a unique motto, returns cannot be accepted.

The black frame in the picture above is 12.5”x15.5” and is matted to 7.5”x9.5”.

$250.00 - free shipping

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