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(Last Revised 4/21/2019)

(NOTE: This is an Internet site only!)

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NOTE: Additional alternative views of all items on this site are available upon request.


     We all have "treasures" in our basements and in our attics. These are items which have accumulated over the years, have been handed down to us from relatives and which we just don't need any more. A 'hoarder' would accumulate junk, but most of us accumulate things which are perfectly good and don't deserve to be thrown away. You would probably give them away if the opportunity presented itself, but even that opportunity never seems to happen! So what do you do periodically? You have a GARAGE SALE!

     This site was inspired by, and dedicated to, my wife who has regularly pressured me over the course of our 33-year marriage to "hire a dumpster to park in our driveway so I can clean out the junk from the basement!" My solution to this dilemma has been to set up this web site which is attached to my personal web site. In it I am going to post pictures of many, many items which I have stored somewhere in my house. They are of good quality, many were given to us as gifts and just don't deserve to be thrown away. I shall advertise this site in any way that becomes available over time, and those who are drawn to it may browse to see if there is anything that you think you may enjoy buying. And if you are a friend of ours, don't be surprised to see something you may have given to us once!

     Many people might try to sell their "treasures" on a place like ebay, but find that it is really not worth the effort to sell an item for $12.00, and have someone have to pay $15.00 or $20.00 to ship it to them?! And don't forget your own labor in packaging it up and driving it to the post office to mail it. For many, it's just not worth the effort. They'd rather just throw it away.

     This is strictly and Internet site and the rules are that under ideal circumstances, you will be a local resident who can drive over to our home in Clinton Township, New Jersey, pick up the item and pay cash for it! I can, of course, ship items and even accept payment through PayPal (click this link for instructions), if you desire. Shipping charges will have to be added to large items, but you will find that many are marked 'FREE SHIPPING'. This site is supposed to be like a digital "drive down the street" where you see a sign for a "GARAGE SALE AHEAD" and you pull over, view my second-hand wares and perhaps decide to purchase something.

     This site is run by Saddle Ridge Concepts, LLC, a legal corporation in the State of New Jersey and all sales in this state are subject to the collection of sales tax: NJ Sales Tax ID #260-365-997/000 - Saddle Ridge Concepts, LLC. Cash or PayPal only please.

     Thank you for your interest in my site, and I hope you find something of interest. With a little luck the item may even have a little story about, or a special inscription which may add extra value to it! If you wish to contact me, please send an e-mail to the address below.

      All prices are relatively final! To Navigate, please click on the links below.

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Saddle Ridge Concepts, LLC - NJ Sales Tax ID #260-365-997/000

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